UNFCCC Negotiations

Photograph by Rhett Butler

Photograph by Rhett Butler


More than three dozen representatives of CLARA member organizations were in Katowice, Poland for the 24th Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP24).  During the two weeks, CLARA members argued for greater attention to rights, for deepening the work program on agriculture, and for fair and robust accounting rules as part of ‘nationally determined contributions’ (NDCs). 

 Most of all, CLARA sought an ambitious outcome from COP24 that would include comprehensive coverage of mitigation, adaptation, finance, tech transfer, and other forms of assistance as part of a ‘balanced package’ for NDCs, in line with the principles of equity found in the Paris Agreement.  But the agreement that came out of COP24 fell short – not balanced, and not ambitious enough.  See our statement from the conclusion of COP24 here.

 CLARA also participated in the ‘Talanoa Dialogue’ process, making two submissions (here and here).  Several CLARA members were included in the high-level Talanoa Dialogue roundtables that took place at COP24.  Unfortunately, the Dialogue did not send a strong signal on ambition.

 Parties to the Paris Agreement agreed on a three-year work program to be finished at COP 24.  Some of the rules and features associated with Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) were determined at in Katowice.  However, work pertaining to market- and non-market-mechanisms, as part of Paris Agreement Article 6, did not reach a conclusion, and negotiations will continue next year.  CLARA will continue to track key elements of the Paris Agreement Work Program (PAWP). 

 CLARA member Heinrich Boell Foundation has posted a good analysis of COP24 outcomes, found here

 We will post further updates as the scope and shape of ongoing Paris Agreement Work Program negotiations are framed up for 2019.